Turkmen Agricultural


Bay leaves are checked before production line as regards soundness humidity and extraneous matters.At first, leaves are given into a cylindrical sifter in order to eliminate long sticks and foreign matters.

By the help a ventilation system leaves are sent forward to a carrier band for selection of undesired leaves where workers pick out the leaves according to the quality demanded.

If the demand is a size classification, leaves are taken to the tables for it. If not, leaves are packed either in carton boxes or pressed in 50 kg. bales.


Natural raw herbs are checked before production line as regards soundness, humidity and extraneous foreign matters. They ( oregano, sage etc.) are given into a coarse crusher and carried from there to a set of sieves to eliminate long stems.

After eliminating long stems and some foreign matters, rubbed herbs are sent to a Stone seperator and gravity machine to eliminate heavy materails, stones etc. in the herbs. Cyclones and ventilation system remove the dust and undesired light materails in herbs. Crushed leaves are sent to a cylindrical devise in order to eliminate small stems.

By now crushed leaves have been re-sifted three times through sieves. Tiny metal pieces in herbs are caught by magnets on this process. Sample is taken by Lab for quality control. After approval of quality control, finished produce is packed according to our packaging standards or buyers' special demands.


Seeds ( Anise, Cumin, Fennel, Poppy, Sesame etc.) are cleaned in two steps. At first stage, carefully selected natural seeds are sifted in order to eliminate stems, straws, trash, dust and sand in them by pre cleaning sieves.

In the second stage, semi cleaned materials are carried to a gravity seperator which makes vibration in order to sort out seeds according to their weights as groups of empty seeds, sound seeds/grains and other heavy materials.

Air seperators remove the dust, powder and light undesired subjects in crop. During this period fans and cyclones make fine cleaning.

The seeds on gravity and vibration seperators go to different directions on the sieves. Sound seeds are carried by a conveyor belt into an accumulation tank. With this process seeds / grains are cleaned up to 99,9 % purity according to the products and requested pureness. Before the packaging, magnets catch some missing metal substances.

Samples are taken by Lab to test the results. After approval of the samples for quality, the goods in the tank are emptied into the bags and weighed separately.